Alconbury troops return from Desert Storm

Home Sweet Home

Following are some photos which appeared in the Spartan Spirit on Friday, May 24, 1991, as some troops returned home from the desert.


note: unfortunately, none of these photos were labeled with names/ranks. Perhaps somebody knows these folks? Maybe it’s you?!?!


It was more than just another payday May15 as a 747 landed on Alconbury’s runway delivering 129 Desert Strom troops form the 10th Tactical Fighter Wing. Although people and aircraft have been trickling in for a few months, this is the first large re-deployment of Alconbury people.


About 500 friends, family and co-workers were on hand with flags, cameras and open arms to greet returning Desert Warriors. Unfortunately, work in the Gulf is not complete and many of our troops are still there. Hopefully, more A-10’s and 747s are heading our way soon.


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