Pro Wrasslin’ at Osan Air Base


The OWF’s Yellow Rose of Texas (left) and Naughty Nicky Speak with a nervous Sgt. Rick McGlothlin on AFKN in preparation of the Fall Brawl.

Note: This article is a bit different from the others. For starters, the writer is “Jim King.” However, Jim King is not a real person. Part of the problem was that the three of us who comprised the newspaper staff at this time were very active outside of the office. This meant we were often a part of the story. Enter “Jim King,” as we couldn’t write about ourselves. I’m pretty sure that, for this particular article, all three of us collaborated.

This was extra fun because, quite frankly, how many people get to say they had a stint as a professional wrestler? I rarely bring this up in conversation because I understand most people will think its complete bullshit. If there aren’t any photos or video, then it didn’t happen, right? Well, now I get to start telling the story!

This event was actually my first foray into the squared circle. I was one half of a tag-team duo called The Commandos. I was Commando Death, and my partner was Commando Stinger. I had forgotten about the name Death as I went on to form a new league at my next base and assumed the name Stinger.

I have to say that this was great fun. We wrestled on base and raised a lot of money for different charities. We also wrestled off base as well. I remember performing in front of crowds as large as 5,000 (this was in England). There were newspapers, magazines, posters, television appearances, radio spots and interviews….the whole 9 yards.

I met a guy in Pittsburgh a few years ago who is the champion of a local pro league. We got to talking and the subject of some sort of “come-out-retirement-guest-appearance” match came up, briefly….very, very briefly. I was already past the age of 40 at this time and it took me about 10 seconds of remembering how sore we all were following a match to put an end to that discussion. Also, I’m not too proud to say that the guys nowadays are much more acrobatic and, frankly, better than we were. Back then, it was still just clothes-lines, body slams and elbow drops…but we still took a beating. The injuries were real. My thumb really had been broken off at the knuckle during a practice session about a week before this event. My CO had assumed I was not going to wrestle in this event and was none-too thrilled when she found out that I got in the ring….cast and all. Hey – the show must go on. Besides, that cast actually made for a great accessory out there 😉

This article first appeared in the MiG Alley Flyer Sept. 7, 1990. I don’t remember most of the wrestler’s real names but I hope some of them stumble across this. RIP Jim King. Sorry for the long into and thanks for reading.

Oh. One more thing. There is a rumor that some old video tapes were recently uncovered and that there may be digital footage available soon! Ray



Jobless Jeff of The Lumberjacks takes a member of Dawn Patrol for a ride.

Chief Hoss Thunderbolt, former Osan Wrestling Federation Heavyweight champion, defeated the Midnight Terror by disqualification and the Lumberjacks successfully defended the tag team belts during Osan AB’s Chin Mok Challenge – Fall Brawl ’90 Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday card ran as follows:

In the first match, two newcomers to the OWF, the Night Ranger took on the Masked Mauler, managed by No Lip Prime.

The bout was decided when the Mauler, holding the Night Ranger in a “Full Nelson,” ready for Prime to strike with his tennis racquet, received the blow on his forehead instead when the Ranger ducked. The Ranger then rolled the Mauler over for the pin.



Midnight Terror delivers a devastating elbow to Chief Hoss Thunderbolt.

The second match of the day pitted the World’s Strongest Man against the Russian Spitznatz. The Strongest Man made short work of his Siberian opponent.

In an unscheduled “brawl” the Lumberjacks, during an interview with Ramblin’ Rick McGlothlin, the voice of the OWF, put out a challenge to the Commandos – in particular, the new Commando, Death. He had his hand in a cast during the Brawl because Jobless Jeff of The Lumberjacks had bitten off his thumb during a previous encounter.

Commando Death and Jobless Jeff wasted no time going for one another’s jugulars. The brawl spilled out of the ring and out into the crowd. The two had to be pulled apart by several other wrestlers and officials so that other matches could continue.

The only women’s match of the event not only received the most attention, but also the most rain, as Naughty Nicky and The Yellow Rose of Texas combined talents to take on another pair of newcomers: The Alabama Slammers.


Commando Stinger drops The Outlaw during a tag team match.

The naughty one and the Rose were up to no good, but finished with a fair pin in the center of the squared circle. The cost was high as Nicky took three stitches in her eye brow and the Rose took five stitches in the back of her head.

Because of the rain, the championship bout between Heavyweight Champion Midnight Terror and challenger Chief Hoss Thunderbolt was postponed until the next evening.

On the Sunday card, the controversial Nacho Man topped Commando Stinger, using the Commando’s web belt to strangle and pin him.

In the most awesome display of strength during the evening, the Master Blaster pinned Chief Lightfoot, setting him up with a power slam that would have shaken even the most wily of veteran’s confidence.

In the first men’s tag team event, the heavily favored Commandos matched strength with the Devastation, Inc. team of The Outlaw and Splash.

Each team punished the other evenly, but the enthusiasm, confidence and experience of the Commandos won out as Commando Stinger covered Splash for the three count.


Commando Death, right hand still in a cast after having his thumb bitten off by Jobless Jeff, takes all 300 pounds of Devastation, Inc’s Splash up high for an airplane spin to be followed by a splash of his own.

In their first title defense, the Lumberjacks put their belts on the line against Dawn Patrol.

Neither team could gain an advantage as they battled back and forth. It finally came down to Dawn Patrol’s patented move the Night Fall (double suplex followed by a pair of elbows) which they executed perfectly on Dynamic Dean. However, a quick boot by Jobless Jeff spoiled the cover and while the referee wasn’t looking, the Lumberjacks executed their move the Sasquatch (sling-shot suplex) on the Night Ranger.

In the end, Jobless Jeff got the ax handle and took out the Night Ranger. Dynamic Dean got the cover for the victory.

In the Heavyweight championship match, the Midnight Terror gave the little Thundarians something to think about as he gave the Thunderbolt an old-fashioned whipping. The Terror left the Chief lying in the center of the ring, bleeding from his head, nose and mouth. The Terror, tired of administering such a beating, left the ring and was counted out for a disqualification. The belt doesn’t change hands for a DQ: therefore, he retains the title.

The Battle Royal had the crowd on its feet as they cheered their favorite wrestlers as they entered the ring at one-minute intervals – depending on the draw.

Beginning the contest were Commando Stinger and the Outlaw. They were joined by Commando Death and the tag team quickly gave the Outlaw the “ole heave-ho.” Wrestlers must be thrown over the top rope to be eliminated.


The Master Blaster pins Chief Lightfoot after a bone-crushing power slam in the Fall Brawl.

The Masked Mauler then entered the fight only to find himself following The Outlaw. The Russian Spitznatz put up a good fight, but he, too, couldn’t overcome the tag team duo. The Master Blaster entered the scene and held his own as the Commandos dispatched Chief Lightfoot and his manager Sundance Cassidy.

Commando Death was next to go out at the hands of the Master Blaster, but not before infuriating the Blaster with a monster suplex.

Next up were the Night Ranger, the Word’s Strongest Man and Dynamic Dean, who all went down in a heap of flesh in the middle of the ring.

Jobless Jeff, seeing his partner in distress, didn’t wait for the bell and added to the confusion. The Lumberjacks quickly cleaned house as they dispatched of the Night Ranger, Commando Stinger, the World’s Strongest Man and the Master Blaster…all in quick succession.

The evening’s guest referee, the Boston Stranger, then showed his true colors as he tore off his shirt and entered the ring with his manager, who added to the excitement by giving the Strangler a chain which he quickly put to use, choking each Lumberjack before tossing them from the ring like rag dolls to lay claim to the first OWF Battle Royal.

The OWF is planning its next event, the “New Year’s Bash.” Those interesting in auditioning for the federation can call 784-5556.


14 thoughts on “Pro Wrasslin’ at Osan Air Base

      • Ray, Dave Ornauer shared your blog with me today! What a blast! I was in the PA office right before you, January 89 to January 90, and we started the OWF for the Chinmok Festival in the summer of 89, I believe. Man, I was always secretly jealous after I left Korea to find out how big you guys made it. Now, if only there was photo and video still around from 89 …

    • Listen here, brother… the only cream puffs there were the ones you had to eat after the match!!! WOOOO!!!
      The Dark Knight

      • OUTSTANDING! yeah that was a blast man. I try to tell people how sore we were the next day. While the actual punches were not real, we still kicked the crap out of each other.

  1. Another facet of the infamous Raymond East…body slams and all! I wouldn’t ever have pegged you for a wrestler, but then again, I remember the 80’s heyday of Roddy Rod Piper and Hulk Hogan like is was yesterday…BROTHURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  2. HEY i wrestled in the owf as the killer bee but the only pic i got was the base paper againts the master blaster. i also wrestled in seoul with the lumberjacks when we wrestled in the parking lot of that big hotel. name is mark falcone , any idea who has some pictures ? thanks

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